Mercedes AMG GT 4 spied

Mercedes AMG GT 4

This time last year you would have been called mad if you thought Mercedes were to build a Porsche Panamera rival. Those of us who didn’t think that day would ever come have to eat our words cold as a fresh batch of Mercedes AMG GT 4 spy shots have hit the web.

But this could be the next generation CLS hiding underneath I here you asking. It could be, and from far away we’d definitely say the same thing. However, upon further inspection, you’ll notice the rear window line doesn’t match that of the CLS family.

Additionally, the back doesn’t match any four-door sedan the Germans have in their fleet.

Power is expected to generate from the token 4-litre V8 Biturbo motor driving the rear wheels with an expected 500 horsepower channelled through an automatic gearbox.

Rumour has it that a hybrid version of the Mercedes AMG GT 4 is in the works too with an estimated 700 horsepower on tap. If that’s the case, Porsche best be worried.

You may be thinking, how could the Mercedes AMG GT 4 possibly handle 700 ponies. Seeing as the current E 63 AMG model boasts a whopping 600 hp, 700 seems reasonable. We’ve got to remember that it is a family car and not Project One.

A production based model is set to launch in 2018 as a 2019 model, and we just can’t wait!

Until then we’ve got plenty of two-door versions fro sale. Check out new Mercedes-Benz AMG GT and used Mercedes-Benz AMG GT for sale in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

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