Mobile Parking in Dubai made easier for non-Dubai vehicles

RTA Parking

Vehicles registered outside of the UAE can now use the Roads and Transports Authority’s (RTA) mobile parking payment system without having to first register for the service.

Announced earlier this week, all non-Dubai registered vehicles now no longer have to register for the service before using the RTA’s SMS parking payment system.

“These services are aimed at simplifying the payment of parking fees via SMS. The upgrade also includes notifying customers requesting the service during public holidays that the parking is free to use during the holiday,” explained Maitha Bin Adai, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA.

The new notification system is also helpful for Dubai residents especially for those who pay without realising parking is free on Fridays and holidays.

How to pay for parking in Dubai (Dubai number plate only)

Paying for parking in Dubai is fairly simple to do via the phone. First, you’ll need to input the letter code and corresponding 1-5 digits on your plate. Press space and enter the area code (consists of three numbers and one letter).

Hit space again and enter how many hours your car will be parked for (must be 1-4 and no area allows more than 4 hours at any given time.)

Then all you need to do is send a text to 7275 (PARK) and you’re good to go. An automated text message will be sent to your phone before the time expires.


  1. Abu Dhabi license plates dont have a letter before the plate number like Dubai plates. I tried entering just the number and it didnt go thru .

  2. Hi i m unable to do same because i have pickup green number plate thats belong to public transportation so how i pay by mobile sms


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