Nissan unveils Gazelle Storm and Navara Gazelle concepts

Gazelle Storm, Navara Gazelle

Over 50% of the UAE is covered by sand, and the only way to traverse sand is with an SUV. Nissan are aware with this with their Gazelle lineup which has now expanded with the Gazelle Storm and Navara Gazelle concept.

The Gazelle Storm benefits from a range of upgrades including a storage box large enough for camping gear and off-road gear, a barbecue holder and a fridge.

Inside, the Gazelle Storm has a bespoke leather interior with mood lighting. Underneath the bonnet bellows a 4.8-litre six-cylinder.

Speaking at DIMS, Thierry Sabbath, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, said, “The Middle East inspired the very creation of the Patrol Safari Range. With it’s rugged exterior good-looks, and superb off-roading capabilities that can conquer any terrain, the car has gained legendary status in the popular culture if the region.”

But the Super Safari is not the online variant built for the soft sands.

Navara Gazelle concept

During the event, Nissan also unveiled the Navara Gazelle. Another concept built in-house and based on the Navara pickup truck.

Nissan have designed the truck with sports and performance capabilities in mind. Riding higher off the ground thanks to a two-inch lift kit, the special Navara is fitted with new shock absorbers, black bumpers and an onboard air compressor.

With two engine options, the Navara Gazelle is prepared for the road and desert.

Nissan hasn’t announced pricing or availability details. Although, we have a felling the Gazelle Storm will go on sale shortly in the UAE. has new and used Nissan Patrol for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

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