Purchasing a car

Every special thing in your life deserves to be given some extra thought and sufficient planning before you make a decision. Whether it is to purchase a house, get a job, or buy a new car.

Purchasing a car can be a big ordeal, and before you start looking forward to the colour or options of the car, there are a number of other aspects that need your attention. 

Let’s take a look at them.

New Vs Used

An important question you need to ask yourself is, whether you need a used car or a brand new one?

While a new car seems more tempting with its new features and advanced technology, you can always save money by getting a used car in good condition at a reasonable price.

Setting a budget will help you make a better decision, as you will be able to assess whether a new car is feasible or a used one is more reasonable.

Once you decide between a new or used car, the next step is to narrow down your list of choices based on various factors such as space, price, fuel efficiency, size, comfort, and safety.

You can find more information on this topic here.

Car type

What type of car best suits you? Do you require it for personal use or for family? What’s your preference; do you need a saloon, a hatchback or are you a sports enthusiast looking for a sports car? 

If you have to carry a lot of luggage every now and then, the best option is an SUV. However, if you give more value to comfort a crossover might be a good choice.

Another thing to decide is the drivetrain of your car. A two-wheel-drive is fuel-efficient, hence more economic, whereas an all-wheel drive is best suited for uneven, or muddy roads.

Furthermore, you need to decide between front-wheel and rear-wheel drive. A rear-wheel-drive is better for towing, where a front-wheel-drive car is cheaper.

Resale value and Fuel Efficiency

Now that you have considered all the options and decided which car to buy, the next step is to use Dubicars to find your next car. While you explore, make sure you shop around to find prices of different cars and then seek the best option. A car’s resale value is a crucial aspect in deciding its worth, so you do not lose a lot when you sell it.

If you purchase a new car with a good resale value such as any popular car i.e, a Toyota, its value will reduce at a much slower rate compared to others.

However, if you choose a cheap car, it may return you nothing when you finally decide to get rid of it. Take the car’s fuel efficiency into consideration, as it matters in the long run. Depending on how often you drive, the car’s fuel consumption can either be significant or may not matter for you.

Reliability and Safety

No one wants to spend a lot of time at the workshop paying huge bills for repairs. A car model which has been reported time and again for consistent problems is not worth it. You need to conduct a thorough search on the internet to ensure that the model you want to purchase does not carry any mechanical faults. 

Furthermore, the car’s safety features must be highly advanced to ensure protection of all the occupants. A car with a good crash test rating, advanced airbags and other active and passive safety features is definitely worth a buy. Some other things you may want to consider before purchasing a car is the car’s comfort, entertainment and connectivity features.

Final Decision

Apart from these recommendations and suggestions, let your intuition be the better judge for your car. Does the car feel right to you? Does it make you feel comfortable? Does the car emanate a positive feeling? These questions will help you decide your next car as you go for a test drive. Shop around to get the best and most reasonable auto insurance and do not be lured by car loans just for momentary gratification. It is unwise to take on debt, which you may not be able to pay, and end up detesting yourself for long afterwards. 

Do not rush with the purchase decision as you may have to regret it later on, instead give yourself some time to think over the pros and cons and ultimately you will find the right vehicle for yourself.


  1. Thank you for the information, but can you answer some of my questions? Your view is helpful, I happened to find it while surfing the web looking for accurate information on how to buy and own a car delivered from Dubai to Adwa, Ethiopia. As you know, the time is dominated by the threat of a virus that keeps us, humans, inside the house and I can’t travel out of my country now. Is it feasible to practice buying a car while sitting in my home town of 100,000 people and have it delivered across oceans? What options are there for me to buy a used Toyota Hilux, late model (2015 – 2020) in good condition to be used for farm duty. That is 4WD, diesel and reasonably priced?

    Thank you for your help in showing me the road!

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author May 1, 2020 at 12:07 pm

      Hi Abraham, can you send us an email with your WhatsApp number, the vehicle you want to export and the name of the port.

      • Hi Chris!

        Thank you for responding to my message. Here is my personal info.

        I need a used Toyota Hilux, 4WD, diesel, and reasonably priced, late model in good condition to be used for farm duty (2015 – 2020) or if the price is reasonable, a new car is also ok. I am not sure about a better port, but Djibouti is the seaport Ethiopia currently uses. I am assuming you know better on how to export and deliver to the right destination.

        My e-mail address is [email protected]
        My phone # is +251902552441


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