New car vs used car, buying a car in UAE

new car vs used car

Cars are a vital piece of machinery one needs when living in the UAE. Yes, there are plenty of alternatives including the metro and taxi’s, but there are a few places that are quite hard to get to without a car. When it comes to buying a car in the UAE, there’s one burning question everyone has, new car vs used car, what are the benefits and the downside to the two?

Don’t worry too much as we’re here to help, so join us as we weigh in the pros and cons of the two.

Why buy a new car in UAE

Let’s get it out of the way immediately, the biggest plus point to buying a new is that you are the very first person to own the car, here are a few other benefits;

  • A choice of warranty options and service contracts.
  • Less maintenance due to its age.
  • A variety of options. Colours, features and other specifics to choose from, there are literally 100’s to choose from.
  • Financing options. Need to stretch the budget a bit, UAE banks can help finance your new ride. You can find more information about financing here.
  • That’s a good deal. Most car dealerships across the Emirates will have special deals and promotions on special occasions including Ramadan and Eid.

Why not to buy a new car in UAE

As with everything in life, there are of course disadvantages to buying a new car in the UAE;

  • Price tag. Can be aided by banks through finance can still be quite costly.
  • Depreciation. As soon as the vehicle rolls out of the showroom, the value of it has already dropped.
  • Recalls: While they may be few and far between, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to recall new vehicles due to certain circumstances.

Why buy a second-hand car in UAE

  • Value for money. You’ll be getting a better deal and end up spending less money when it comes to buying a used car.
  • Depreciation. Over time the value of the car will drop due to its age and mileage, but it won’t drop as fast as a new car.
  • Good deals. Due to certain circumstances (i.e. People leaving the country or upgrading to a bigger car), you can find deals on used cars as the seller wants to get rid of the car fast.
  • Affordable insurance.
  • Certified coverage. Buying a used car from a certified pre-owned seller (usually owned by an official dealer) come with benefits that can include warranty, service contracts, and maintenance coverage.

Why not to buy a second-hand car in the UAE

  • Maintenance. Over time parts become worn and eventually break. With no warranty or service contract, the bills will start to rack up.
  • Features. Certain features won’t be present, and safety features may not be up to current standards.
  • Age and finance. If a car is of a certain age, you won’t be able to finance the vehicle. The general rule of thumb is eight years.
  • Complete car history. After warranties expiry, service history can be hard to track.

That’s about it. Got any comments or other reasons we may have missed about buying a new car vs used car, good or bad? Comment below!

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  1. Buying used cars is better option if you are new on the road of Dubai, UAE. There are so many places online website to search for used cars or sell my car in dubai.


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