Right hand drive cars in the UAE, can you drive them legally?

Right hand drive cars in the UAE

Before you put your right hand drive (RHD) vehicle in a container and have it shipped to the UAE, there are a few things you need to know about driving right hand drive cars in the UAE.

As the UAE drives on the left side of the road, vehicles sold in the Emirates have the steering wheel on the left hand side of the car, and most cars sold in the Emirates are Left Hand Drive (LHD).

But with everything, there is the one per cent.

You can buy right hand drive cars in the UAE and export them to other countries but can you drive them?

Yes and no!

No, you can’t buy a right hand car on Dubicars, get it registered at the RTA and then drive it off into the sunset. That won’t work.

But, if the vehicle you’re buying is a certain age, say 30 years or older, you can register the car as a classic! Obtaining the brown plate is the only way to drive an RHD car legally in the UAE.

Note that you can still buy an RHD vehicle and own it no matter what year it is, but you can’t register it. So if you find that perfect 2JZ Supra or R34 Skyline, you can buy it! Its rubber will only be strictly limited to the race track or car show.

Can you convert a right hand drive vehicle to a left hand drive?

From what we’re aware of, converting an RHD to LHD and then getting it registered in the UAE is not possible at all.

Did we miss anything out? Is there something we may have gotten wrong? Or do you have a general enquiry? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Hi
    We are company here in uae.we have principle in italy sending cars here for testing on temporary basis.we register it here and after some time we send it back.
    Now they want to send us right hand staring car for testing.can we register that car here for testing purpose for example for 6 months and after finiahing the testing we will send it back.
    Please respond prompt.




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