UAE license renewal changed from 10 years to five

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UPDATE: We’ve recently learned that this rule has yet to take effect. When exactly it’ll be implemented is unknown.

Original story: As of today, the Ministry of Interior of the UAE has issued a new law for UAE license holders. Instead of renewing every ten years, the law states; Expatriates will have to renew their UAE license every five years instead.

Since 1995, the law stipulated that UAE license renewal was to be done every ten years for everybody.

However, Emirati’s are exempt from the new law and will only have to renew their UAE license every ten years.

Renewal costs will remain at AED 110.

Additionally, the new law states that you’ll need a valid UAE license and permit to ride an electric scooter, tricycle, quad bike or motorcycle.

The law emphasises that the use of quad bikes are for entertainment purposes and should not be used as a means for travel. Instead, they should only be used in the Desert as intended with the proper papers.

It’s unclear at the time of writing how this new law affects those who don’t have to renew their license anytime soon. We’ll keep this post updated over the next few days when more information is posted.

How to Renew Dubai Driving License

For further information on how to obtain your driver’s license or renew it, we’ve got handy guides online.


  1. Dear sirs, my driving License expires in 2020.
    I need to renew it for next 10 years. Is it possible.
    Please advice


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