Land Cruiser celebrates 10 million units sold

Land Cruiser Oman

Toyota is celebrating a massive milestone this year. Way back on the 1st of August 1951, the first-ever Toyota “Jeep BJ” rolled off the production line. Later renamed the Land Cruiser, 10 million units have officially rolled out of the factory in 68 years.

Known for its robustness and reliability, the Land Cruiser helped Toyota establish itself in the SUV market and as a dominant force to be reckoned with.

The 40 Series first hit showrooms in 1960 and came with four wheelbase options. Proving itself for all walks of life, it earned the nickname ‘Bush Taxis’ in West Africa.

Production ended in 1986 but continued in Brazil until 2001 under the guise of the Toyota Bandeirante.

In 1984, the 70 Series rolled off the production line with two variants. A heavy-duty version with leaf springs and a more comfortable variant with coil springs.

1996 saw the introduction of the 90 series which replaced the front live axle with independent suspension and three- and five-door body styles.

Now bearing the 200 series moniker, the iconic SUV received a facelift in 2015 and has remained a staple in the Toyota lineup ever since.

Toyota has no plans to halt production of the legendary SUV anytime soon and aims to keep customers satisfied. With that said, they aim to set more rigorous standards for future models to ensure the model lasts a lifetime.

Land Cruiser sales by region

As of writing, the Land Cruiser is sold in 170 countries and regions across the globe. Although production started in 1951, full-scale exports didn’t start until 1955.

During the first few years, Toyota exported less than 100 units per year, but by 1965, that number had grown to 10,000 vehicles annually.

By far the most popular region for the Land Cruiser is the Middle East with over 1.3 million units sold over the 60+ year time frame and a good portion of those are still in active use.

According to Toyota, 40 Series models are still in use almost 50 years after its introduction.

Note: The 10 million includes the Prado, Pickup Lexus LX series and GX series.

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