2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe available in UAE

2017 Infiniti Q60 coupe models went on sale across North America earlier in the year. With minor tweaks here and there, we can officially announce, the eye-catching coupe and sedan models are on sale in the UAE.

Base models weigh in with a 2-litre turbocharged motor with a respectable 208 horsepower powering the back tyres not to mention, a sleek exterior appearance to impress those around you.

Those more excited by the vehicles options rather than its power plants are treated to an array of hi-tech upgrades. Intelligent cruise control, direct adaptive steering that has been enhanced to adjust the wheel 1,000 times per second and dynamic digital suspension which is also electronically controlled.

And that’s not all. Forward emergency braking, pedestrian detection, adaptive lighting and more are part of the driver assistance and safety technologies.

With the 2017 Infiniti Q60 Coupe officially available across the country and a base price of AED 153,900, the fiery red Q60 Red Sport 400 Coupe is also available.

Red Sport 400 models stand at the top of the food chain with a six cylinder motor driving the rear wheels. 400 isn’t just a number attached for show; it symbolises how much horsepower is generated for its 3-litre twin turbo engine.

Those of you who are interested in the four-door Infiniti models will be happy to know that these models will be available shortly in the Emirates. With a mild refresh of course.

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