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New Mercedes-Benz cars Price in Dubai

New Mercedes-Benz cars Price
Mercedes-Benz C 200 AED 198,000 - AED 285,000
Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG AED 750,000 - AED 4,225,000
Mercedes-Benz S 500 AED 520,000 - AED 729,999
Mercedes-Benz V 250 AED 258,000 - AED 1,050,000
Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 AED 205,000 - AED 305,000

New Mercedes Benz in Dubai

Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, the company's founders, created history in 1886 by creating the first automobile. As a leader in automotive engineering, Mercedes-Benz sees it as both its obligation and its desire to help shape the future of mobility safely and sustainably. Therefore, the company emphasises cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies and secure, excellent, and captivating vehicles.

Mercedes Benz – Under the lens

Mercedes-Benz pursues the goal of going all-electric where market conditions permit. The German automobile brand with the three-pointed star continues to methodically invest in developing efficient powertrains and chart the route for an all-electric future. The world's leading luxury automobile manufacturer is rushing toward an emissions-free and software-driven future by switching from electric-first to electric-only. To fulfil its promise to uphold its responsibility to society and the environment, Mercedes-Benz is also concentrating its efforts on intelligent networking of its vehicles, autonomous driving, and innovative mobility concepts.

In the UAE, Mercedes-Benz currently offers 42 models. In total, Mercedes-Benz is selling 12 SUVs, 2 minivans, 2 hatchbacks, 9 sedans, and 5 convertibles in the UAE. The German manufacturer has a total inventory worth AED 15,782,199, which brings the average price of a Mercedes-Benz car in the UAE to AED 375,766. Below is the list of Dubai's favourite Mercedes models and the new Mercedes-Benz prices.

Mercedes Benz C300 – Sporty but Tranquil

German luxury car manufacturers have long been accused of creating sedans using the "one sausage, three lengths" design principle. We'll happily eat anything the chef serves up, though, if the recipe is as magnificently rich as the C-Class, which has been the gold standard of full-size luxury cars for decades and is currently the market leader.

Another strength of the C 300 is its adept balancing act between athletic performance and velvety tranquillity. You must credit the 48-volt mild hybrid system that propels the C 300 to 60 mph in roughly 5.3 seconds and increases fuel economy above the EPA's official ratings with a light right foot. Even when cruising at 70 mph, we got more than 40 mpg.

The Mercedes achieves an exquisite mix between fun-to-drive performance, comfort, and tranquillity by luxury-sedan standards. The 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine in the C 300 produces 255 horsepower, the same as the base model from before, but torque is up to 295 pound-feet, a 22 percent increase. The all-new engine, which may not look all that impressive on paper, is a technological powerhouse that outperforms its peers. It features a sleek twin-scroll turbocharger, engine technology created in collaboration with Mercedes' Formula One racing team, and a mild hybrid system that can deliver quick bursts of 20 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of additional torque.

For the first time in a Mercedes, the four-cylinder engine combines the best features of the company's new modular engine family. With this brace, the C 300 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 5.4 seconds, significantly less than the company's conservative estimate of 5.9 seconds. The C-Class is a joyous sport sedan and a cosy luxury car thanks to its intelligent Agility Control suspension and cleverly weighted steering. A quick-shifting, paddle-shifted nine-speed automatic transmission helps with that. The Mercedes comes standard with 18-inch alloy wheels, while optional 19-inch AMG alloy wheels and summer tyres give it even more assured grip and handling on difficult routes. The new Mercedes-Benz C300 price in Dubai is AED 225,000.

Mercedes Benz S500 – The legendary and fascinating

Mercedes created the 2022 S500 on the improved MRA2 platform because the existing S500 has outgrown its clothing. This results in a 2.1-inch increase in width and a 2-inch increase in wheelbase. In addition to new proportions, the MRA2 now has a larger battery for the S-Class PHEV models and a revised rear steering axle.

Every panel, fabric, and upholstery stitch are held to the highest quality standards regarding how the interior looks. Regarding the interior, there is a tonne of configuration options: from cloth seats to Nappa leather, from a milk-white interior to bare carbon fibre accents. Both the driver and passenger side chairs have multiple directions of adjustability as standard. The great 19 massage motors will also help your body relax for lengthy trips. The headrest pillow, arguably the softest and most comfortable on the market right now, deserves special note.

If you believe the S-Class of 2022 will be electric, you are considering the EQS. Although most of its internal technology is powered by electricity, a combustion heart keeps the wheels turning. The S500 and S580 have the option of a 429 horsepower 3-liter inline six or a more powerful 496 horsepower 4-liter twin-turbo V8. Yes, the powertrain uses some electricity as well. A 48V hybrid technology known as EQ boost helps both engine layouts. The standard 9-speed automatic transmits power to either the front wheels or, in the case of 4Matic trims, all four wheels. Call your nearest dealer to get your hands on this beauty. The new Mercedes Benz S500 price in Dubai is AED 575,000.

Mercedes G63 AMG – Ruggedly Beautiful

The outdated G-Wagen was a known jerk on the road. The new one combines its 44 credentials with a plush ride, a rock-solid feeling, and surprisingly adept handling. The G550's 4.0-litre, twin-turbo, 416 horsepower V8 is just the right size to propel an SUV that weighs almost three tonnes. However, many G-Class owners prefer overkill, and the G63 AMG's handmade twin-turbo 4.0-litre AMG V-8 produces a staggering 577 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. With an optional AMG Driver's Package, the G63 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and achieve an astounding 174 mph.

This is coupled with aggressive AMG tuning for the adaptive, driver-selectable sport suspension, nine-speed paddle-shifted transmission, and slick performance tyres (up to 22 inches in diameter). The G63's demeanour is visibly altered by the various drive modes, with Sport + evoking a Mr Hyde-like aggressiveness. AMG is also responsible for the four side-mounted pipes of the tunable exhaust system, which, when turned to its Sport Plus setting, emits an equally killer soundtrack.

It adds visual appeal with features like a typical front brush guard, 20-inch alloy wheels, and four side-mounted exhaust outlets that provide a terrifying hot-rod bellow. Although the Mercedes does lean sharply in curves—safely but unnervingly until one learns to trust it—the G63's standard adaptive suspension matches that elephantine weight with surprisingly decent handling.

Additionally, above 70 mph, Benz's shipping-container form causes audible wind noise. The Mercedes' towering top and metal slab style is hard to resist. Rugged simplicity prevails, but remarkable details of the G63 AMG come standard with a thick brush guard, a ribbed grille with a Mercedes star, icy doe-eyed LED headlights, stainless steel running boards, and large alloy wheels. The new Mercedes G63 AMG price is AED 1,200,000.

To find more about the brand read the FAQs below.

FAQs on new Mercedes-Benz cars for sale in Dubai
  • How many new Mercedes-Benz cars are available for sale in Dubai?

    There are 688 new Mercedes-Benz cars available for sale in Dubai.

  • Which is the cheapest new Mercedes-Benz car to buy in Dubai?

    The cheapest Mercedes-Benz car based on currently available listings is Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG.

  • What is the starting price of a new Mercedes-Benz car in Dubai?

    The starting price of a new Mercedes-Benz car in Dubai is AED 159,000.

  • What are the most popular new Mercedes-Benz car models in Dubai?

    The most popular new Mercedes-Benz cars for sale in Dubai are Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG, Mercedes-Benz S 580, Mercedes-Benz C 200, Mercedes-Benz S 500, Mercedes-Benz V 250.