AED 1,000 fine for not using indicator on UAE Roads

Whether you’ve lived here for twenty years or you just got off a plane, you know at times, driving can be questionable all year round. One of, if not our biggest gripe while driving (and we probably are not the only ones) is the lack of indicators that are used by the general population and as it stands, the Ministry of Interior and Authorities are clamping down.

Drivers be warned as failing to not use an indicator while merging lanes or suddenly deviating will result in an AED 1,000 fine. In order to raise awareness, the Ministry of Labour has released a short educational video clip to educate commuters on how to merge lanes correctly.

The video also gives an example of what the department means by ‘sudden deviation.’

Ajman police took to their social media platform to stress the AED 1,000 fine for Sudden Deviation. Additionally, drivers caught will also incur four black points, but their vehicle won’t be confiscated.

Road users who don’t use indicators; you have been warned. has new and used cars for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman all with working indicators.

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  1. In my opinion, not using the indicators is way more dangerous than going 5 km/h over the speed limit, but normally we get charged more for speeding. It didn’t make sense to me when comparing the risks.

    Knowing that most of possible accidents that was going to happen to me, was because drivers change lanes without a sign, making a it really difficult to it expect whats going to happen next.

    1000 AED fine is very fair when compared to other fines and their risks and how lots of people just ignore using it.


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