Car Window Tint Violations: UAE Police Issues Warning & Fines Details

In the scorching heat of the UAE, it’s no surprise that many residents opt for window tints on their vehicles to beat the relentless sun. However, it’s crucial to stay within the legal boundaries when it comes to tint percentages. Umm Al Quwain police recently issued a stern warning to motorists, reminding them of the consequences of flouting window tint regulations.

The UAE’s stringent laws mandate specific levels of tinting for car windows, and violations of these regulations can result in a hefty fine of AED 1,500. The police authority specifically emphasized that increasing window tint to a visibility level of 50 per cent is strictly prohibited. This includes windshield, side and rear windows.

Moreover, if you are using a windshield sunscreen to keep your car cool while parked under the sun, remember to remove it entirely before hitting the road. Failing to do so is considered a violation and could lead to penalties.

The new car window tint rules in the UAE will not take into consideration if the tint is installed from the factory by the manufacturer. The owner of the car is responsible for bringing the window tint visibility to permissible limits, if it is over the limits.

Alongside the car window tint, the UAE police have raised concerns about a few other traffic offences. These include:

  • Re-painting a vehicle to a different colour from that of the registration details is not permitted. This includes wraps too. Offenders will be fined AED 1,500 in this scenario.
  • As the academic year is back in full swing, it’s vital to ensure the safety of students and other motorists. For vehicle drivers, stopping at the stop sign when encountering a school bus is important. Non-compliance with this rule incurs a fine of AED 1,000 and 10 traffic points. Here are more details about the new traffic rules and fines in Dubai.

In the UAE, adherence to these traffic laws and safety measures is crucial not only for avoiding fines but, more importantly, for safeguarding lives on the road. So, whether you’re a driver, a bus supervisor, or a student, it’s essential to stay informed and responsible while navigating the UAE’s busy roads.

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