Speed limit reduced on two Dubai roads

Dubai Roads

To further their effort of bringing down road fatalities to zero, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have come to an agreement to lower the speed limit on two Dubai Roads.

Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road will both have their speed limits dropped from 120 km/h to 110 km/h. Cameras will be reset to catch anyone driving 131 km/h or higher.

Dubai Police and the Roads and Transport Authority haven’t clarified when these Dubai roads will see their speed limits dropped. Next time you’re driving down either of these routes, make sure you are not going faster than 130 as the cameras will flash.

As well as the 10 km/h reduction, 12 new speed cameras will be set up in various areas on both roads to halt those willing to break the law.

The two Authorities have also agreed to launch campaigns to monitor heavy duty vehicles and report any safety violators.

Dubai Traffic Police have also stated that they have increased patrols on these two roads as well as set up mobile cameras to deter those attempting to break the law.

This past week, the Dubai Traffic Department publically announced a new law to be implemented from the first of July. Any passengers caught not buckled up in the back will incur a penalty for the driver. AED 400 for each offender.

At the same time, those caught with children not strapped into a child seat will also incur a fine as will drivers with infants under 10 or adults under 145 cm sitting in the front seat.

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