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Car sales have traditionally been a brick and mortar business, but with the evolution of the digital age, people can now browse for cars from the comfort of their homes. And so, dealers are slowly adopting internet services, like Dubi Cars, to help make the transition as hassle-free as possible.

Waleed Al Anzi from Al Fadhl Used Car Dealership, one of the longest-running dealerships in the country, personally thanked Dubi Cars for its smooth transition into the online space. The partnership gives Al Fadhl customers seamless access to its entire vehicle portfolio, without ever leaving the couch.

He said ‘fast sales and operations, powerful and effective ads, exceptional communication and emailers, easy communication with the representatives and a simple platform to connect with customers within the UAE as well as abroad, are just some parts of a stellar service which has led to a fruitful four-year relationship between the Al Fadhl dealership and Dubi Cars.


He added that there is no rivalry, as Dubi Cars don’t sell cars, which is one of the key values Dubi Cars holds to bringing potential new dealers onboard. 

The Dubi Cars motto is, “customer success is our success” and we hold true to our values which we believe contribute to the positive success of our business and the dealers we work with.

So, we continue to be innovative in the mission to conquer the digital world, we continue to share data and best practices, an inclusive practice that all dealers can benefit from, we are thoroughly passionate about the business and will continue to invest to ensure we stay on top of the game.

New products

Changing the game is always top of mind and in the last 18 months alone, we have introduced five game-changing products: 

Control Auto, an innovative SaaS platform, Finance Search, a user-friendly finance search feature, ExportSafe, a function that makes exporting cars to the international market easy peasy and finally, current and comprehensive data reports and access to a quality website is all yours when you join the Dubi Cars team. 

Learn more about our top five 2021 innovations here.

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