جاغوار XE 2018 Jaguar XE R-Sport / 5 Year Jaguar Al Tayer Warranty & Full Jaguar Service History - $29,459 درهم 109,000 درهم 1,566 شهرياً

  • جاغوار XE 2018 Jaguar XE R-Sport / 5 Year Jaguar Al Tayer Warranty & Full Jaguar Service History
الصنع: جاغوار
الموديل: XE 2018 Jaguar XE R-Sport / 5 Year Jaguar Al Tayer Warranty & Full Jaguar Service History
السنة: 2018
العجلات: 18´
اللون: رصاصي‫/‬فضي
نوع السيارة: صالون
كيلومترات: 48,000
حالة التصدير: قابلة للتصدير
مواصفات: خليجي
ناقل الحركة: اوتوماتيكي
وقود: بترول
الكراسي: 5
سلندرات: 4
الداخل: أحمر
درهم 1,566 شهرياً
اشتري مقابل درهم 109,000 $29,459 درهم 109,000 نبهني عند انخفاض السعر
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2018 Jaguar XE R-Sport / 5 Year Jaguar Al Tayer Warranty & Full Jaguar Service History
Cash: 109,000 AED
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Spec: GCC / Jaguar Al Tayer Dubai
Warranty: Al Tayer 5 Year Jaguar Warranty Until December 2022 or 250,000kms
Service History: Full Jaguar Al Tayer Service History
RMA brings you another extremely clean 2018 Jaguar XE R-Sport, accident free & comes with a full Jaguar service history. So much praise was lavished upon the Jaguar XE when it launched back in 2015. Its brand-new, lightweight mechanicals endowed it with a deft driving experience that embarrassed every single one of its rivals. Especially with this high option R-Sport 2.0T model.
First up, sharpening up the slightly dowdy styling of before. It manages to be familiar yet oh so different, the appearance of an unflatteringly shrunken Jaguar XF replaced by some real vigour all via thinner LED lights, reshaped bumpers, and an optional lip spoiler. Add to the mix 19” R-Sport alloy wheels and you end up with a car that’s fantastically handsome. Coming fully loaded with options including the R-Sport sports seats, R-Sport steering wheel, Premium meridian 11 speaker sound system & a rear view camera.
Almost 75 per cent of the Jaguar XE is constructed from lightweight aluminium, including its suspension components and most body panels. The XE’s immensely strong Lightweight Aluminium Architecture helps achieve optimum weight distribution approaching 50:50. Powering the XE is a 2.0L turbo-charged Engine producing 237 brake horsepower & 340Nm of torque being mated to an automatic 8 speed transmission and can get up to 100kms in 6.8 seconds!
Advanced damper technologies improve ride quality and dynamic capability. Control, agility, and feedback give the XE the spirit of a sports car. Dynamic Mode enlivens the XE's sporting character sharpening throttle response, increases steering weighting, and performs gearshifts quicker and at higher engine speeds. The interior is more pleasing to see in person thanks to rich leather, contrast stitching, detailed craftsmanship, and a restrained, yet premium design smooth drive!

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