نيسان باترول 2021 Nissan Patrol Gazelle / Brand New 0kms / Limited Edition / The Only 2021 Gazelle Models Direct - $64,594 درهم 239,000 درهم 3,435 شهرياً

  • نيسان باترول 2021 Nissan Patrol Gazelle / Brand New 0kms / Limited Edition / The Only 2021 Gazelle Models Direct
الصنع: نيسان
الموديل: باترول 2021 Nissan Patrol Gazelle / Brand New 0kms / Limited Edition / The Only 2021 Gazelle Models Direct
السنة: 2021 (جديد!)
العجلات: 17´
اللون: أبيض
نوع السيارة: دفع رباعي/عائلية
كيلومترات: 0
حالة التصدير: قابلة للتصدير
مواصفات: خليجي
ناقل الحركة: اوتوماتيكي
وقود: بترول
الكراسي: 7
سلندرات: 6
الداخل: بني
درهم 3,435 شهرياً
اشتري مقابل درهم 239,000 $64,594 درهم 239,000 نبهني عند انخفاض السعر

2021 Nissan Patrol Gazelle / Brand New 0kms / Limited Edition / The Only 2021 Gazelle Models Direct From Nissan / 1 of 5 Units Available (Pre-Order Now)
Cash: 239,000 AED
Finance: 4,740 AED / month | 0% Down Payment
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THE GAZELLE IS BACK… and RMA Motors are delighted to get our hands on the last and only limited edition 2021, Brand New Nissan Patrol Gazelle models available in the UAE. We have managed to get 5 new units specially built at our request and they will go quick, so get your hands on one now and pre-order direct with RMA Motors. Specially designed for the UAE market with a no compromise off-road approach taken and bespoke interior finishing’s, this ranks up there as one of the best Y61 Nissan Patrols to ever be produced,
The Nissan Patrol is still one of the best SUVs in the UAE due to its unquestionable off-road prowess and reliability, but the upgraded Gazelle model takes things to a new level with a 4” suspension lift kit, external reservoir King Shocks, front winch kit, wide arches, built-in winch, bespoke leather interior, limited edition Gazelle finishing’s & a phenomenal crackling exhaust!
Boasting head-turning body decals (which are optional and seen in our pictures) that reflects both the spirit of the desert, and the car’s all-terrain driving capability. New fender flares match the car’s bodywork, complimented by 17-inch bronze coloured Method Race Gazelle alloy wheels with B/F Goodrich all terrain tyres. These stunning wheels also feature the tasteful Gazelle logo on their centre caps, a nice touch. A blackened front grille, head and taillights, along with a newly added Gazelle emblem on the front hood emphasize the car’s desert credentials further, along with a tasteful rear roof spoiler and off-road snorkel intake.
Clever engineering has enhanced the performance of the Patrol Gazelle, an air snorkel has been added to improve the air flow to the vehicle, whether in the desert or shallow waters, along with a tuned exhaust system. It’s also equipped with the world-renowned, tuned remote reservoir King suspension system, along with a 4-inch lift kit and new coil springs that further improve the driving experience and allows drivers to cruise across multiple terrains comfortably and quickly. The addition of a front electrical winch with a capacity of 4,300 kg for off-road situations is a must for any off-roader and combined with the built-in tyre compressor systems see’s you set for all driving situations.
Nissan has bestowed the Patrol with its tried and trusted 4.8-liter VTC Twin-Cam 24-Valve engine that churns out a very eager 280 BHP and 420 Nm of torque. Stay out for the long hauls with the additional 40 Litre sub-fuel tank also. Increase your range with a flip of a switch located on the instrument panel. The meter displays fuel levels, and a self-diagnostic system assures the safe transfer of fuel. The 5-speed automatic transmission with manual mode provides sporty performance in all driving situations too, turning every trip into a joy ride. Turn off the beaten track and shift directly from 2WD to 4WD on the move to take on what ever the world can throw at you. Choose high ratio for slippery sand or mud, or low ratio for treacherous terrain and steep climbs or descents. Lock the rear differential to distribute torque evenly between the rear wheels for maximum grip. And when it gets rough, manually lock the front hubs for total peace of mind. When someone else breaks down, they will be glad to see the Gazelle came along.
This may be the last time a new Gazelle is available, so don’t wait around too long and get in contact with our team to see this amazing animal and pre-order one for yourself.

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