2016 Brabus 800 Roadster, prepare your hair

Brabus are absolute lunatics but in a good way. They take ordinary Mercedes vehicles and turn them into monsters. Literally, no vehicle in the Germans fleet is safe; G-Wagen, C 63 S, S 600 and now the SL 65 convertible is next.

While the exterior appears somewhat reserved, Brabus have stuck on a new hood with a gaping hole to allow more air in for reasons listed below. The old rear spoiler is replaced by a slightly larger model, and lower down are four new Brabus exhaust tips embedded into the rear diffuser.

Inside, Brabus have further extended their magic touch and replaced the old leather hide with exclusive patterned material instead. Carbon fibre and aluminium have been thrown in for good measures to lower the weight slightly. Standard options all appear inside.

Factory prepared models roll out with 621 horsepower generated from a V12 petrol engine powering the rear wheels. In true Brabus fashion, that just isn’t enough to suffice so they decided to tune that all the way to 789 horses!

0-100 km/h is now achievable in around 3.7 seconds instead of a sluggish 4 seconds. It’s new top speed settles at over 350 km/h. You don’t have to worry about your face slowly fall off, but know you have to worry about your hair!

Brabus modified Mercedes-Benz SL65 roadsters are available right now directly from the tuning house at a cool price of €299,000 or AED 1,211,503!

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