Ajlani Drakuma; proudly made in the UAE

Ajlani Drakuma

It’s not very often we see cars pop up that are produced in the UAE. W Motors, Sandstorm Auto and Devel spring to mind, and now we can add the Ajlani Drakuma to the list.

Rumoured to be called the Dragon, the Drakuma is its name, the car has been shrouded in mystery for five years. Locked away from the motoring world, and this is the worlds first glimpse at the model.

Only 99 will be produced. Each one will be built and tailor-made exactly to the owner’s request.

As the vehicle is still in its concept phase, the chassis has yet to be finalised. Regardless of that, the Ajlani Drakuma will seat two and ride with a carbon fibre body to keep the weight down.

Continuing with the body design, the doors will open up like “dragon wing’s”. Take that SLS!

During the show, the doors were not present and with the windows blacked out we couldn’t catch a glimpse of the interior. As previously mentioned, it will be a two-seater.

With its radical styling, you would have thought they Ajlani would drop a W12 or V16 quad-turbo behind the seats. Instead, the UAE based company has gone for a V8 with a pair of turbochargers.

While it may be a smaller unit compared to the Devel, the Chiron and other similar cars, the motor will crank out a cool 1,200 horsepower.

Oh, and if you thought the car itself was a looker, each own comes with a statue of an egg with a dragon wrapped around. Both of which will match the colour of the vehicle.

Pricing has not been revealed publicly.

Photo credit: WSF

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