Ferrari celebrates 70 years with 350 special edition models.

If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary Ferrari 458MM Speciale at Goodwood or maybe you saw pictures surface online, you may not know this but it’s a one-off created for a loyal customer, and there shall be no other like it.

That would be the case if it weren’t Ferrari’s 70th anniversary this year, and to celebrate they aren’t going to let customers have their very own 458MM but rather something bespoke to them.

Limited to just 350 models, it doesn’t make sense right? It seems an odd number to celebrate 70 years, however, and I’m pretty sure those who enjoy maths and modern Ferraris, would have figured out that the Italian sports car manufacturer currently have five vehicles in their lineup; F12, 488 GTB, 488 spider, California and GTC4Lusso. 350 divided by five equals 70, smart right?

Ferrari’s Tailor-Made division will handle all of your wildest desires with each vehicle equipped with the latest technology and designs. Each model will be allegedly show cased at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

Ferrari hasn’t clarified if all build slots are accounted for as of the time of writing, but seeing as how long it took the Dodge Viper special edition collection to sell out, these Ferrari’s may go a bit quicker. And as for price, that’s on request and will be quite hefty.

Haven’t got deep enough pockets for a one-of-a-kind Ferrari? Don’t worry, you can still get yourself a new Ferrari or used Ferrari for sale in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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