لاند روفر رينج روفر فيلار P340 HSE R-Dynamic - $97,027 درهم 359,000 درهم 5,159 شهرياً

  • لاند روفر رينج روفر فيلار P340 HSE R-Dynamic
بيعت اليوم
الصنع: لاند روفر
الموديل: رينج روفر فيلار P340 HSE R-Dynamic
السنة: 2021
العجلات: 20´
اللون: رصاصي‫/‬فضي
نوع السيارة: دفع رباعي/عائلية
كيلومترات: 12,200
حالة التصدير: ليست للتصدير
مواصفات: خليجي
ناقل الحركة: اوتوماتيكي
وقود: بترول
الكراسي: 5
سلندرات: 6
الداخل: بني
درهم 5,159 شهرياً
اشتري مقابل درهم 359,000 $97,027 درهم 359,000 نبهني عند انخفاض السعر

2021 Range Rover Velar P340 HSE R-Dynamic / 5 Year Warranty & 5 Year Service Pack
Cash: 359,000 AED
Finance: 7,151 / month | 0% Down Payment
All prices are VAT Inclusive*
Included in your monthly EMI is RMA Car Protect & RMA SMART Protect Plan!!
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12,200 kms
Spec: GCC / Al Tayer / Dubai
Service History: Full Range Rover Service History
Service Pack: 5 Year Service Pack until April 2026 or 65,000kms
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty until April 2026 or 150,000kms
This brand new 2021 Range Rover Velar P340 HSE R-Dynamic is a stylish one, leveraging Range Rover's signature rectilinearity against slim lights and a tapering roof for visual pop especially with the 20” 5-spoke black alloy wheels on this model. Range Rover's ever-expanding range did not seem to have a gap in it but look closely, as Land Rover's management did, and there is a space between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport just big enough for another car, the Velar!
Power is provided by the 3.0L supercharged V6 Cylinder Engine producing 335bhp & 480Nm of torque, and its attendant eight-speed automatic transmission easily moves this SUV. This Velar feels special from when you first lay eyes on it, entering its luxurious cabin and driving it through Dubai’s streets. Very stylish inside and out. Display and control systems are something of a game changer, there has been nothing like it before, relaxing and refined to drive while still an exceptionally good off-roader!
Ambient Interior Lighting to the split sliding armrests, everything has been designed and crafted to help you and your passengers arrive relaxed. Touch Pro Duo, the dual Touchscreen system, allowing you to simultaneously view and interact with multiple features at once. This gives the flexibility to use the system more efficiently, whilst viewing all the information required. For instance, you can use the navigation system in the upper screen whilst playing media on the lower screen.
• HSE R-Dynamic
• P340
• 3.0L V6 Supercharged
• 335BHP
• 8-Speed transmission
• 20" 5 Spoke Black Alloy Wheel
• Terrain Response
• Dynamic Mode
• Blind Spot Information System
• Blind Spot Assist
• Heated/Cooled Seats
• Body Tu-Tone Paint
• Black Painted Roof
• Cockpit CCR
• All Wheel Drive
• Driver Drowsiness Monitoring
• Unique Met Finish Foot Pedals
• Rear view Camera
• Forward Facing Camera
• Head Up Display
• Interior Grand Black Wood Pack
• Keyless Entry/Start
• Navigation System
• Panoramic Sunroof
• Roof Rack - Black
• Seat Massage
• Stop/Start
• Powered tailgate
• Tow Eye Cover - Black
• Trunk Badge-HSE
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