2017 Ford Mustang GT500 to exceed 700 horses!

Move over Dodge Challenger Hellcat there’s a new king in town with at least 33 more horses stowed underneath the bonnet as the New Ford Mustang GT500 is pegged to receive a 740 horsepower motor! Previous generations only pumped out 662.

Just last week, a single Ford Mustang mule was spotted with a boat load of camouflage attached to the front end in an effort to hide something new. Back then, we estimated that the new vehicle would gobble up the Hellcat.

That extra power comes from the aid of finely tuned turbochargers attached to a V8 petrol motor driving the rear wheels. An automatic transmission is said to be standard, but for those who want full control can opt for a manual transmission instead.

In order for the Mustang GT500 to beat the Hellcat in a straight line, horsepower isn’t the only requirement. Ford has acknowledged this and will implement lightweight materials such as carbon-fibre and aluminium much like what they did with the GT350. As for each corner, the wheels from the R version could pop up on the options list as they too are made from light-weight carbon.

No price has been confirmed, and its release date is scheduled for early next year (2017) with some sources pointing to a late 2016 launch. We can’t wait!

What about Chevrolet and their Camaro though? They two are working on a Hellcat Challenger with a total output of 640 horses. They may need to work on that a bit.

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Note: 2014 Ford Mustang GT500 pictured 

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