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Vehicle Inspections by DubiCars

Get a detailed inspection report to avoid hidden problems and repair bills.

Car Inspection
for AED 365 (excl VAT) Terms and Conditions apply

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Fast Car Inspection Report

Receive your inspection report within 6 hours, right after the inspection has been processed. This report is available to the customer and can be used to make an informed decision about purchasing the vehicle.

Our Inspection Process

  • Appointment
    Fill Out a Simple Form

    Start by sharing a link of the car you want inspected by filling out this form - the link could be from any classifieds website!

  • Expert
    Confirmation from Autohub

    Autohub will reach out to the seller to arrange a convenient time for the inspection and confirm your booking.

  • Email
    Expert Inspection by Autohub

    Autohub’s certified inspectors will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the car, ensuring every important aspect is checked.

  • Email
    Detailed Report Within One Day

    You’ll receive a detailed inspection report from Autohub in as little as 6 hours from the inspection, helping you make an informed decision quickly.

What does the Vehicle Inspection cover?

A complete assessment of the vehicle’s condition.

  • Engine and mechanical inspection
  • Computer diagnostic report
  • 248-point inspection report
  • Vehicle specifications report
Inspection Car
Inspection Car

Scoring criteria based on Following categories.

  • Full interior and exterior check
  • Brake system, rims & tyres
  • Electrical system
  • Transmission
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