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What our customers are saying about the BMW 7 Series in Dubai

Paul - Got my 750 Li second hand a few weeks ago, and so far it’s been a brilliant drive. Interior options are incredible as is the power from the V8 underneath the bonnet.
Pros: Power and options.
Cons: Price is high when new.

Adnan - I imported my pre owned BMW 745 i last year from America, still looks good even though it’s a 2005 model. Handles perfect for a large sedan has lots of features and power.
Pros: Handling, engine and options.
Cons: Can get thirsty for petrol quickly.

Faisal - 735 i is a good car for UAE, comfortable interior, many options, and spacious interior. Engine can be slow and has to be often refilled.
Pros: Comfortable, good handling and sharp styling.
Cons: Not good on fuel.

Five reasons to buy a used BMW 7 Series for sale in Dubai, UAE

  1. No matter what 7 series cars you purchase, whether it’s the 750, 740 or 730, interior options are impeccable. They have everything and anything from leather seats to a phone set there’s no reason not to buy one.
  2. With its wide range of vehicles pre owned BMW 7 series in Dubai, UAE comes in many flavours. Inline 6 (not V6), V8 or a V12. Latest models even come with an inline 4-cylinder motor.
  3. The market is flooded with 7 series models, import or GCC it’s easy to find one.
  4. Long wheelbase versions are available. If you find a 740 Li or 750 Li, then you know it’s got an extended wheelbase.
  5. Comfort is a must when travelling; BMW 7 series offers just that for all passengers and even offers massaging features in higher trims.

About the 7 series

Since 1977, these German sedans are the flagship sedans of the BMW brand. In top trim they were powerful. However, Alpina thought that Bimmers could be slightly more powerful even producing one with over 1,000 hp! With numerous awards over the years and specifications to rival the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8 and the Lexus LS series. Although the cars have been floating around since the late 70’s we’ll date the 7-series back to midway through the late 90’s.

1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 used BMW 7 Series

Entering its third generation in the late 90’s, the sedans popularity grew over the years not just on home soil but around the world including Japan and America. Leather seats were stand along with power options for the front seats. Sunroof, cruise control, phone set and parking sensors on later models were offered as was DVD navigation and cooled front seats.

These years offered two engine options, a 4.0 litre V8 and a 6.0-litre V12. Both hooked up to a 5-speed automatic transmission (a manual version was offered), the V8’s displacement was upgraded to 4.4-litres during this time.

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2008 second hand BMW 7 Series for sale in Dubai, UAE

During this time, all the 730, 740, 750 and 760 models were produced with an extended wheelbase added to the 750 models as an optional extra and is standard on 760 models. All models came standard with power leather seats, climate control, trip computer, xenon headlights and five seats. Optional extras included navigation, Bluetooth, phone set, memory options for the front seats, sunroof, ventilated seats, parking sensors and a reverse camera. The iDrive computer system was upgraded for the first time since 2002.

Four engine choices were available during this time five if you count the diesel options all of which were mated to a 6-speed manual automatic. 3.0-litre Inline 6, 4.0-litre and 4.4-litre V8 or a 6.0-litre V12 is mounted to the drivetrain and powers the rear wheels.

2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 used BMW 7 Series Models for Sale in Dubai, UAE

Rolling into its fifth generation, the 7-series sedan received a significant refresh that was welcomed by all. GCC cars are mostly available with a long-wheel base, those wanting a standard model will have to buy an export vehicle.

Standard interior options stay similar with Bluetooth being added and the phone set being dropped for obvious reasons, 18-inch rims and a sunroof are included too. Enhanced leather upholstery and individual trim pieces were added to complete the look. A multitude of optional extra’s was offered in both entertainment and safety categories.

Navigation, multiple cameras, night vision, 8 GB internal storage device, pedestrian recognition software, heads-up display, rear entertainment package, 10.2-inch media screen, blind spot warning system and the list goes on for the optional extras.

Four engines were available during this year with the diesel and 4.0-litre V8 were the two engines removed as was the 6-speed manual, while a new 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-6 motor was added to power the 740 i. The other engines were retained as was the 6-speed auto. All the motors were retuned to provide better fuel economy.

2013, 2014 and 2015 second hand BMW 7 Series for sale in Dubai, UAE

2013 saw the 7 series receive a facelift for a more friendly look, and it worked as customers continued to buy the sedans. Once again GCC dealers stuck to selling Li models with all the badges returning for another two years.

Standard and extra options are identical to the previous years as were the engines and transmissions. Each engine was finely tuned once again to squeeze out more power and better fuel economy.

2016 BMW 7 Series for sale in Dubai, UAE

After three years, the German manufacturer decided to enhance virtually everything about the 7 series in 2016. With a brilliant and stylish exterior, Dubai residents are offered both long and short wheelbase models.

The interior was not left out of the enhancement department with a multitude of once optional features now becoming standard with a whole new range of optional extras; active cruise control, gesture control for iDrive, lane departure warning, multiple cameras, person warning and much more. Autonomous drive mode is also on offer and may be very limited in terms, or when you can use it, however, it can park itself and sort of drive itself once enabled. This may not be available in all regions.

An Executive Lounge package is offered on long-wheel base models that added rear foldaway tables, rear tablet, entertainment package, cooled and massaging rear seats. Alternatively, a lighter version of this package is available dubbed as Individual. M Sport packages are available and add the letter M in various locations, alters the suspension slightly and adds small bits to the exterior and interior.

If you want a higher output M Sport package, the M760Li xDrive joins the lineup in 2016. Powered by a 6.75-litre V12 petrol engine, the same one found in Rolls-Royce models powered all four wheels and generates 600 horsepower. Interior specs consist of the optional extras of other models in the lineup.

For 2016, one of the inline-6 motors were dropped from the line-up. 6-speed autos were dropped in favour for an 8-speed one instead. Both engines are tuned for better outputs and fuel economy. A 2.0-litre 4-cylinder motor is present as was a plug-in hybrid known as the 740e; the latter takes over from the ActiveHybrid models from the previous generations.

Looking to buy used BMW 7 series in Dubai, UAE? Prices start at AED 19,000