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Used Dodge Cars for sale in Dubai

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Used Dodge cars Price in Dubai

Used Dodge cars Price
Dodge Caliber AED 16,000 - AED 16,000
Dodge Challenger AED 17,000 - AED 380,000
Dodge Charger AED 18,000 - AED 234,000
Dodge Durango AED 9,500 - AED 260,000
Dodge Grand Caravan AED 35,000 - AED 41,000

Used Dodge cars for sale in Dubai

Discover a wide selection of pre-owned Dodge cars for sale in Dubai, ranging from 9,500 AED to 425,000 AED. With 500 listings available in Dubai, you're sure to find the perfect second hand Dodge for sale that fits your budget and preferences. Our verified and diverse collection includes 455 cars sold by trusted dealers, as well as 45 cars listed for sale by private owners, so you can find the perfect Dodge car that meets your needs and budget. Shop with confidence and find the right Dodge for you today.

Popular Dodge cars for sale in Dubai

Dodge has a variety of models to suit your needs and preferences. Some of the most popular Dodge cars in Dubai include the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge RAM, Dodge Durango . Browse the Dubicars listings today to find your perfect Dodge car in Dubai.

Used Dodge cars for sale

Dodge has a reputation for manufacturing flamboyant fast automobiles and stylish, strong pickup trucks. Even though they are less well-known, family automobiles have been just as important to the corporation; the Caravan, for example, established the minivan market.

Dodge UAE - under the lens

After being acquired by Fiat in 2014, the new Fiat-Chrysler Alliance allowed Dodge officials many leeways. The brand reestablished itself as a provider of high-performing and reasonably priced family vehicles. Dodge now creates spacious vehicles and SUVs with a strong dose of sportiness. For those who still want a heavy dose of muscle, the automaker's in-house tuner, SRT, has a line of mindblowing vehicles that will blow the doors off of most automobiles on the road!

Dodge RAM – The off-road monster!

The Ram 1500 underwent a major redesign for the 2019 model year, surprising competitors. It dazzled with a 12-inch touchscreen reminiscent of Tesla, a mild hybrid system on its V6 and V8 engines, and a bevvy of advanced driver-aid features, including adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring. When fitted with its 3.0-litre EcoDiesel engine, optimised for towing and producing 480 pound-feet of torque, it can also pull a segment-leading 12,750 pounds. Depending on trim, the Ram may be a sleek daily driver, rugged weekend warrior, or sturdy workhorse.

Truck manufacturers began incorporating civility into their robust pickup trucks, recognising the need for more practical, day-to-day equipment. The Ram 1500 received an independent suspension in 2002. Continual changes and refinements have made the huge muscleman drive like a comfortable supersized sedan rather than a high-riding pickup. Interior upgrades complement the dynamic advances, providing a quiet, comfortable interior that complements the mellow ride's calming attributes.

The 2018 Ram 1500 comes with a plethora of engine options, ranging from a torquey diesel to a torquey Hemi V8. Another surprise is the fuel economy, with even the hot-rodded 5.7-liter Hemi V8 achieving an EPA-estimated 15 mpg in the city and 22 mpg on the interstate. The mild-hybrid version of that engine gets 17 mpg in city and 23 mpg on the interstate. In addition, the turbodiesel V6 can score 22 mpg city and 32 mpg highway, which is impressive for a massive pickup.

Everyone's comfort can be added to the Ram 1500, including a large Tesla-like 12-inch screen with sufficient real estate for multitasking. There are a few surprises and delights, such as the RamBox, which opens on either side of the bed and can hold enough ice and drinks for proper tailgating. A range of tailgate and truck bed options simplify loading and hauling items, and the optional adaptive air suspension provides a smooth, level ride.

The true difference, though, becomes clear after a day in the Ram. The Ram feels more like a regular vehicle on stilts than a huge honking bruiser, thanks to its torquey engine options, chassis upgrades, and shockingly smooth coil spring suspension. With a fuel capacity of up to 33 gallons, the Ram 1500 becomes an odd (but accommodating) road trip partner.

The transformation of the Dodge Ram 1500 is not only a good indication for brand enthusiasts looking for a more functional, pleasant pickup but also a hint of good things to come for the truck industry. If this degree of invention continues, the distinction between luxury and utility will be almost entirely lost. You can buy used Dodge RAM for sale in Dubai for AED 159,000.

Dodge Challenger – Your heavy dose of Muscle

Let's put this feud to rest. The interior of the Ford Mustang is world-class, created around the driver and rendered in magnificent materials with craftsmanship that rivals competitors twice the price. With its Nurburgring-tuned chassis and numerous track-ready variations, the Chevrolet Camaro wins the greatest road-race credentials in this competitive bunch. Buyers of the Dodge Challenger are unconcerned about any of this.

Dodge released this iteration of Challenger before Christmas in 2007. It has mostly stayed the same since then, except for updated infotainment systems, a few active safety features, and huge engine options. While most designs from 2007 have long since been dragged off to the glue mill, the Challenger's strongest years in terms of sales have been recent. The Challenger formula is to look nice while producing power, and customers like it!

This does not imply that the Challenger's appearance and engines are its exclusive assets. Optional heated, ventilated, perforated leather seats with memory settings are available. Backseat passengers will welcome four inches more legroom and four inches more headroom than the Mustang and Camaro. The Challenger's trunk holds more than twice as much as the Camaro's and three cubic feet more than the Mustang's. These are significant advantages, yet comfort and convenience are only some of the primary goals of this vehicle.

Buyers of Challengers, like Iggy Pop, are searching for raw power. Or, at the very least, the symbols thereof, and a new for-2021 variety does just that. The new 807-horsepower SRT Super Stock trim 6.2-liter supercharged V8 outmuscles every production Camaro and Mustang in statistics and speed. Dodge considers it the quickest, fastest, and most powerful muscle vehicle since it outperforms all production Camaro and Mustang models in light-to-light and on the strip.

The Super Stock is the brand's halo, but even the base model Challenger is built for muscle. The 3.6-litre Pentastar V6, rated at 303 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque, is an old favourite for Dodge. This is a smooth and reliable engine; those were significant numbers a generation ago. It's still a speedy automobile, though it consumes more fuel than its four-cylinder competitors. The lack of a base stick is disappointing, especially given that the engine was previously coupled with a manual.

Moving up a class, the R/375-horsepower T's 5.7-litre V8 can surely move the car, but it trails the Mustang GT to 60 mph (around 4.5 seconds to the Challenger 5.7's 5.0). This pushrod engine is outdated technology: it turns out that displacement can be replaced, and the Mustang's twin-independent variable camshaft timing is it. From GT to R/T, the Mustang excels in refinement, power, fuel efficiency, and speed tests.

Dodge does, however, have a speedier version. The Hellcat Redeye recalibration outperforms the ZL1, reaching 60 in 3.4 seconds and running the quarter in an NHRA-verified 10.6 seconds in factory trim. A Widebody upgrade, available on either the Hellcat or the Redeye, replaces the factory fender flares with bigger wheels and tyres for increased traction, adaptive damping suspension to fine-tune every launch, and Brembo brakes to bring the lunacy to a halt. The price for a used Dodge Challenger in Dubai starts At AED 24,000 and goes up to AED 155,000.


FAQs on used Dodge cars for sale in Dubai
  • How many used Dodge cars are available for sale in Dubai?

    There are 500 used Dodge cars available for sale in Dubai.

  • Which is the cheapest used Dodge car to buy in Dubai?

    The cheapest Dodge car based on currently available listings is Dodge Charger.

  • What is the starting price of a used Dodge car in Dubai?

    The starting price of a used Dodge car in Dubai is AED 9,500.

  • What are the most popular used Dodge car models in Dubai?

    The most popular used Dodge cars for sale in Dubai are Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge RAM, Dodge Durango, Dodge Neon.