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Foton Cars Models, Prices & Pictures in UAE

In the UAE, Foton is currently offering 3 models. Within these models, the Foton View is the most popular and has a starting price of AED 0.

Foton Motor Inc., a Chinese automaker noted for its comprehensive portfolio of commercial and consumer vehicles, is gaining ground in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Recognized for their high-quality, versatility, and affordability, Foton vehicles are carving out their niche in the diverse UAE auto market.

Understanding Foton's Legacy:

Foton Motor Inc. is an international heavy industry company renowned for a wide range of vehicle categories. From commercial trucks and buses to SUVs and pickups, Foton's versatility is its strength. Its vehicles are designed to cater to various needs, whether it's for heavy-duty commercial use or personal mobility. With advanced technology and improved designs, Foton continues to innovate and expand its footprint globally, including in the UAE.

Foton in the UAE:

The UAE's vehicle market, rich with numerous international brands, welcomes Foton as a value-for-money alternative. Foton's line-up, particularly their light-duty trucks, pickup trucks, and vans, have been a success in the UAE due to their robust build, affordability, and versatility.

Why Choose Foton in the UAE?

Quality and Durability: Foton's vehicles are built to last. They are engineered with advanced technologies that assure high performance and durability even under the UAE's demanding weather and road conditions.

Versatility: From commercial to passenger vehicles, Foton's diverse range meets the various needs of UAE consumers and businesses. Whether it's for heavy-duty hauling or for family outings, there's a Foton for every requirement.

Cost-Effective: Foton vehicles are known for their affordability. Coupled with their durability and minimal maintenance requirements, these vehicles offer high value-for-money, an important factor for many UAE customers.

Foton Experience in the UAE:

Driving a Foton vehicle in the UAE is a testament to reliability and versatility. Their vehicles, especially the commercial ones, are designed to tackle the demands of various terrains and weather conditions found in the UAE. Simultaneously, Foton's SUVs and MPVs offer comfortable, value-driven alternatives for families and individuals.


Foton's entry into the UAE auto market offers an appealing blend of quality, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. Their varied line-up of commercial and passenger vehicles is designed to meet the diverse needs of customers in the UAE. The growing popularity of Foton vehicles in the UAE is a testament to their value proposition. Drive a Foton in the UAE, and experience the perfect blend of durability, versatility, and affordability.

Meta Description:

Explore Foton's range of versatile vehicles in the UAE. Known for their quality, durability, and affordability, Foton's commercial and passenger vehicles are a smart choice for the diverse needs of the UAE market. Experience the reliability and value-for-money that Foton vehicles bring to the UAE's automotive scene.

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New Foton cars for sale

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View all new Foton cars for sale

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View all used Foton cars for sale

Foton car FAQs

  • What are the most popular Foton cars in the UAE?

    The most popular Foton car models available in the UAE are Foton View, Foton Tunland and Foton Supporter.

  • Is there any Foton electric car?

    No, Foton does not offer any electric cars in UAE.

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