Qatar wants in on supercar madness

Supercars, ultracars, hypercars or whatever you want to call them are mind-bogglingly fast, flamboyant and only really come from certain parts of the world, mainly Europe. However in recent years, they have started popping up from various locations. For example,

Jaguar F-Type SVR confirmed

Special Vehicles Operation or SVR, the performance division of Jaguar Land Rover. Most notably known for the epic Range Rover Sport Supercharged SVR, which put in a stunning lap time of 8 minutes and 14 seconds around the Nurburgring in

Hyundai to create BMW M4 rival

Performance versions of regular vehicles are certainly a craze right now. Auto manufacturers are busy tweaking their most popular vehicles and creating more potent versions for the general public to gobble up. Usually hailing from German, American and Japenese brands, South

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat confirmed

Rumour mills appear in every industry, whether it’s movies, video games or businesses even the motor industry gets dragged into these speculations. Back in 2014, Jeep patented the name “Trackhawk” for the American manufacturer and this is where it all

Ford Raptor vs Nissan Titan

Back in the day, pick-up trucks were used for hauling heavy loads and were typically used in the workforce. Eventually, drivers started using them for everyday life as they proved extremely useful for dropping kids off at school and transporting

2017 Maserati Alfieri

Maserati alongside Mercedes-Benz are one of those auto manufacturers that have been around for a great length of time. Synonymous when thinking about luxury vehicles, whether it’s a coupe, sedan or convertible, Maserati has exactly what you’re after. Their line-up is about