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BMW M6 prices in Dubai

High price, but what do you expect from an M-Series car.
Dubai BMW M6 dealers
  • Al Ain Class Motors Dubai
    Al Ain Class Motors Dubai
  • Al Muwafaq Motors
    Al Muwafaq Motors
  • Carbon
  • Philippine Car Showroom
    Philippine Car Showroom
  • Royal Motors
    Royal Motors
BMW M6 frequently asked questions
What is a BMW M6?
The BMW M6 is a high-performance variant of the 6-Series. It is available as a Coupe (2 doors) and Gran Coupe (4 doors).
What kind of engine does a BMW M6 have?
Gone is the V10 and in its place is a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 rated at 560 horsepower.
Is the BMW M6 still in production?
BMW stopped the production of the M6 in 2017.