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Toyota RAV 4 prices in Dubai

Holds its value over the years, but buying a new 4x4 model is a bit high.
Dubai Toyota RAV 4 dealers
  • Al Ain Class Motors Dubai
    Al Ain Class Motors Dubai
  • Fanar Al Khaleej International Auto Trading
    Fanar Al Khaleej International Auto Trading
  • Al Muwafaq Motors
    Al Muwafaq Motors
  • Carbon
  • Philippine Car Showroom
    Philippine Car Showroom
Toyota RAV 4 frequently asked questions
What are the different models of Rav 4?
The 2020 Toyota Rav4 is avaialble in four trims in the UAE; EX, EXR, Adventure and Hybrid. In the US, there are seven trim levels' LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventrue, TRD Off-Road and Limited.
How long does a Toyoa Rav 4 last?
Toyota vechicles are non for their reliabilty and the Rav 4 is no exception. Independant reserach shows the model can surpass 400,000km with recommended maintence and service intervals.
What is the difference between a Rav 4 and a Rav 4 Hybrid?
Only the Toyota Rav 4 hybrid has a hybrid drivetrain and blue accents, the other variatns are exclsuively driven by a petrol engine.
Is the Toyota Rav 4 a good car?
Around the world, the Toyota Rav 4 remains a popular choice due to the vehciels reliability and versitile nature.
What year is the best Toyota Rav 4?
Of all the iterations of the model, the fourth generation (2013 - 2018) has the best fuel economy accrooding to independant sources.