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Used Rolls-Royce Ghost for sale in Dubai, UAE

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What our customers are saying about the Rolls-Royce Ghost in Dubai, UAE

Fazza - When looking for a pre owned Rolls-Royce Ghost for sale in Dubai, UAE, I found many that caught my eye especially an import one. It had barely been used and was in perfect condition and had all the options I needed. The price was not what I expected, though.
Pros: Drivability, options and looks.
Cons: Price in UAE.

Mohammed - I love the fact that my second hand Ghost turns heads wherever I go. People stop and stare at its elegant craftsmanship. The inside matched perfectly, and the options can’t be beaten in these cars.
Pros: Style, luxury and power.
Cons: Still huge.

Jamil - Can barely fault my ultra luxurious second hand ride as nothing can compare. I tried Bentley's, and they weren’t for me. I had to buy a Ghost after I drove my friends, due to its immense power, over the top luxurious properties and comfort. Would recommend anyone looking to buy a luxury sedan to buy a Ghost!
Pros: Options, presence and comfort.
Cons: Controls feel soft.

Five reasons to buy a Rolls Royce Ghost in Dubai, UAE

  1. It’s smaller than the Phantom making it easier to park and holds a lower price tag.
  2. The twin turbo V12 motor provides 563 horsepower which is more than enough to get this two-tonne beast around.
  3. The amount of options that are standard are impressive, to say the least. When you look at the options list, it’s similar to buying a private jet.
  4. Due to its immense popularity, find someone to buy your extravagant used Rolls-Royce Ghost for sale in Dubai, UAE a simple task.
  5. Standard Ghost models not to your liking, and you want a bit more exclusivity? Rolls-Royce has commissioned a dozen or so limited editions, and if that still isn’t enough, the company can actually make the Ghost of your dreams come to life!

About the Rolls-Royce Ghost in Dubai, UAE

Serving as a smaller sedan and easier to park compared to the Phantom, The Rolls-Ghost is the sedan of choice when it comes to making a statement. With its desirable looks, anyone and everyone will know exactly how deep your pockets are if you are seen driving or getting out of one of these.

Road Rivals: Bentley Flying Spur, Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the Maybach 57.

2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost in Dubai, UAE

First debuting in 2010 after the successful reception of the 200 EX that took the automotive world by storm in 2009. With their four-door set up, seating arrangements are available for five or four people.

Exterior features include parking sensors, multiple cameras for a 360-degree view, soft closing doors that can be electronically closed with a press of a button, umbrellas stowed away in said doors, keyless entry, rear suicide doors, adaptive LED and Xenon headlights plus more.

Interior options are plentiful. Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, cooled front seats, multi-zone climate control, cruise control modes, memory seats, starlight headliner, sunroof, moonroof, media inputs, analogue clock, rear entertainment package and DVD player plus much more. Not all are standard and can be added as extras.

Powering the rear wheels of the Ghost is a V12 twin turbocharged 6.6-litre petrol engine. 562 horsepower enables the vehicle to hit a top speed of 250 km/h.

In 2011, the brand launched an extended wheelbase of the Ghost for select clients. 2012 saw the introduction of two-tone paint jobs as before then they were only commissioned by high profile customers looking for an exclusive look to their luxury sedan.

Special edition models are available with one of the most notable being the V-Spec version. Adding 30 horsepower, bespoke 21-inch rims, unique motifs added to the vehicle's interior, hand applied steel inlays and an exclusively designed clock.

Want to buy a second hand Rolls-Royce Ghost for sale in Dubai, UAE? Prices start at AED 450,000.

2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost in Dubai, UAE

Commonly referred to as Ghost II, Rolls-Royce’s smaller sedan received minor updates to its overall package. This includes re-designed headlights, bumpers, chrome inserts a selection of 19 or 21-inch rims and a satellite-aided transmission.

Three different packages are available in this generation. Comfort packages include the standard seat setup, front and rear cooled seats, lambswool floor mats and an entry level entertainment system. Entertainment packages include Rolls-Royce bespoke sound system, TV tuner and a built-in phone system. Monogram packages benefit from the RR logo stitched into the seats.

Options from the previous generation carry over to the Ghost II. Special editions are plentiful with the Ghost. A regional exclusive model was commissioned by AGMC UAE. This Ghost is available in Brooklands Green or Desert Dune exterior paint, tri-colour Creme Light, Pine Green and Hotspur Red, lambswool floor mats, custom picnic table, tartan styled door pockets and custom wood finish.

Ghost II black models not only sport a black coat of paint but a high gloss black Spirit of Ecstasy, darkened chrome trim, black starlight headliner, bespoke 21-inch rims and Cobalt Blue rim inside.

Powering the rear wheels is a V12 6.6-litre twin turbo petrol engine. Rated at 562 horsepower, the luxury sedan can hit a top speed of 250 km/h and to 100 km/h in less than 5.5 seconds. Black badge models are powered by an uprated V12 6.6-litre petrol engine rated at 603 horsepower and 840 Nm of torque.

Looking to buy used Rolls-Royce Ghost in Dubai, UAE? Prices start at AED 699,000.