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Buy Used Suzuki Cars In Dubai -

Suzuki cars are known for their unmatched luxury and performance. You can find a wide variety of used Suzuki for sale in Dubai including SUVs, convertibles, sedans, wagons, and coupes. With so many different models to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect car for your needs. Whether you're looking for a spacious SUV for the family or a sleek and sporty convertible for weekend getaways, Suzuki has a car for you. And with their excellent resale value, you can be confident that you're getting a great deal on a quality car. So browse our selection of used Suzuki cars for sale in Dubai and find your perfect match today!

Most Popular Used Suzuki in the Dubai

Suzuki is one of the top car brands in the Dubai and is also popular among car lovers all over the world. Suzuki Escudo, Suzuki Jimny, Suzuki Dzire and many other leading used Suzuki models and series are listed here.

What are Starting Suzuki Car prices in Dubai?

Suzuki car models and their variants have different starting prices based on factors such as the model year, mileage, condition or other similar factors. Based on the current listings, Suzuki cars in Dubai start from AED 23,000, with the highest price being AED 149,000.

Used private-owned Suzuki for sale in Dubai

Total 8 pre owned Suzuki cars in Dubai are uploaded for sale by individual sellers, starting from price AED 24,000 and goes upto AED 139,000

Used dealer-owned Suzuki for sale in Dubai

Total 130 second hand Suzuki cars in Dubai are uploaded for sale by dealers, starting from price AED 3,090 and goes upto AED 149,000

Suzuki Cars for sale in Dubai by Mileage

The lowest KMs Driven Suzuki Car listed at DubiCars is 2,600 KMs, and the asking price by the sellers is AED 139,000 in UAE. And the highest KMs Driven Suzuki is 211,000 KMs, and it is for sale at a price of AED 24,500 in UAE

How DubiCars helps you with finding the best used Suzuki car in Dubai?

With only a few clicks, DubiCars enables you to quickly find the ideal used Suzuki in the Dubai. You may narrow down and compare used Suzuki cars based on a variety of factors, including body type, colour, and model year. You can save thousands of dirhams by performing a price comparison. Checking thorough inspection reports for used Suzuki cars in the Dubai that are advertised on DubiCars will help you make smart selections.

Used Suzuki cars that come with Complete Satisfaction

If you're thinking of buying a used Suzuki car in the Dubai, you might have heard some cautionary tales about untrustworthy transactions and sketchy conversations. But with DubiCars, you can put all your fears to rest. We take care of everything for you, from the initial search to the final sale, so you don't have to worry about anything. On DubiCars, you'll find a wide selection of used Suzuki cars for sale in the Dubai, all of which come with a detailed inspection report. So you can be sure you're getting a quality car at a reasonable price. So why wait? Start your search for the perfect used Suzuki car on DubiCars today!

Used Suzuki cars for sale

Suzuki Motor Corp. develops, designs, manufactures, sells, and distributes motorcycles, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and special machines. It operates in the areas such as heavy bikes, automobiles, and other specialised vehicles. The Motorcycles segment manufactures and sells motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Suzuki – The oldest name in affordable vehicles line-up

This automobile manufacturer produces and sells mini, sub-compact, and standard-sized affordable vehicles. In the Special Machines segment, you can find out about outboard motors, snowmobile engines, electric vehicles for seniors, and even houses. Michio Suzuki founded the company in October 1909, headquartered in Hamamatsu, Japan.

Suzuki Dzire – The affordable sub compact sedan

The Suzuki Swift Dzire is no longer available, as are its unusually discombobulating proportions. Instead, we have the all-new Dzire (yes, just Dzire), which has improved looks, a quite better platform, and an 'automated manual transmission.' These are significant changes for the Japanese automaker's sub-compact sedan, and they are said to make it better, more comfortable, and more efficient to drive than the previous model. But lofty claims always raise more questions, and the majority of them concern its power-trains and unconventional transmission.

How will the car handle less power, and what's the deal with the Automatic Gear Shift (AGS) system? But, besides the rising concerns, we cannot emphasise this enough: The new Dzire looks far superior to its predecessor. The main reason is that the sedan no longer resembles a Swift suffering from an identity crisis. The rear end and roof-line are now more tapered and appear more in line with the proportions of the front end. Its modern headlight design appears to be a direct carryover from its hatchback sibling. However, the grille of the used Suzuki Dzire for sale with chrome accents surrounding the lower fascia and foglight housings—is unique.

The used Suzuki Dzire for sale in Dubai also rides on 15-inch alloy wheels, giving it a larger presence than its actual dimensions suggest. It is not quite as tall as its predecessor. The total height of the car ranges between 1,515mm to 1,555mm, but it is not easy to tell. The length remains at 3,995mm, but the wheelbase has grown by 20mm. With its rounded-out fenders and clean lines, it has a classy but simple appearance. We like it. This is where things get complicated. The 1.2-litre engine (82 hp and 113 Nm of torque) in the GL+ Dzire is mated to a five-speed Automatic Gear Shift (AGS) transmission. When you look at the shift lever, you can tell this isn't your typical automatic: There is no Park button; only Drive, Neutral, and Reverse are available.

This is essentially an 'intelligent' manual transmission. You shift up by slightly depressing the accelerator as the revs rise, which takes some getting used to. Of course, if you're too lazy to learn, you can let the transmission do its thing, but the result is a jerky ride, especially in the lower gears. Once you have mastered the AGS, your performance improves. The Dzire may sound underpowered when climbing steep inclines and the like, but it won't feel that way when you're behind the wheel. The vehicle is also surprisingly efficient. It offers an average 12km/L in Metro Manila traffic. That is not bad at all! So, are you interested in buying Suzuki Dzire? The used Suzuki Dzire for sale in Dubai can be bought at a starting price of AED 33,000.

Suzuki Swift – The dual jet Sedan

The used Suzuki Swift for sale in Dubai is powered by a 1.2-litre 'Dualjet' petrol engine. It produces 82bhp, and because the Swift is so light, this power is more than adequate both in town and on the highway. Because the Swift lacks a turbocharger to boost performance, you must take advantage of the engine's revvy nature to get the most out of it. You must not let the revs drop too low if you want to make smooth, confident progress when merging onto roundabouts or motorways. Almost all of the Swift's competitors are noticeably faster, but there is an element of fun in doing so, especially when using the five-speed manual gearbox.

The SHVS mild hybrid system comes with a small battery and a motor-generator unit that makes electricity when you slow down. This is called "regenerative braking." It also provides a tiny bit of assistance to the engine at low engine speeds to help save a little fuel. A CVT automatic transmission is available on higher-spec models, and its 0-62mph time of 12.2 seconds makes it the quickest in the range. The most expensive SZ5 is also available with a 4x4 system called All grip. The Swift Sport, which we reviewed separately, is powered by a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine.

The sharp handling of used Suzuki Swift for sale in Dubai is a happy byproduct of its erratic ride. Throw the Swift through a few turns, and you will notice that the steering is quick, nicely weighted, and easy to place on the nose of the car. There is some body lean, but the Swift has excellent grip, and the Swift Sport has the better body control and is still more fun. However, the Ford Fiesta is the most enjoyable car to drive in the class. Suzuki's Allgrip four-wheel drive system can be added to the Swift for added traction.

It only adds 90kg to the Swift's weight and keeps it under 1000kg, making it significantly lighter than many two-wheel drive competitors. When driving quickly, you'll be hard-pressed to notice its extra traction; its true calling is dealing with muddy, rutted country roads, which it does surprisingly well. You can buy used Suzuki Swift for sale in Dubai at a starting price of AED 10,000.


  • Is Suzuki Dzire underpowered?

    It does not feel underpowered, with 89 bhp and 113 Nm of peak torque. The Suzuki Dzire is one of Dubai's most comfortable subcompact sedans.

  • How fast is a Suzuki Dzire?

    According to user reviews, the top speed of the new Suzuki DZire is approximately 170 kmph.

  • Is Dzire better than Swift?

    Swift has a mileage of 22.38 kmpl, and Dzire has a mileage of 23.2 kmpl.

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