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Buy Used Volkswagen Cars In Dubai -

Volkswagen cars are known for their unmatched luxury and performance. You can find a wide variety of used Volkswagen for sale in Dubai including SUVs, convertibles, sedans, wagons, and coupes. With so many different models to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect car for your needs. Whether you're looking for a spacious SUV for the family or a sleek and sporty convertible for weekend getaways, Volkswagen has a car for you. And with their excellent resale value, you can be confident that you're getting a great deal on a quality car. So browse our selection of used Volkswagen cars for sale in Dubai and find your perfect match today!

Most Popular Used Volkswagen in the Dubai

Volkswagen is one of the top car brands in the Dubai and is also popular among car lovers all over the world. Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Touareg, Volkswagen Tiguan and many other leading used Volkswagen models and series are listed here.

What are Starting Volkswagen Car prices in Dubai?

Volkswagen car models and their variants have different starting prices based on factors such as the model year, mileage, condition or other similar factors. Based on the current listings, Volkswagen cars in Dubai start from AED 13,000, with the highest price being AED 379,000.

Used private-owned Volkswagen for sale in Dubai

Total 30 pre owned Volkswagen cars in Dubai are uploaded for sale by individual sellers, starting from price AED 13,500 and goes upto AED 379,000

Used dealer-owned Volkswagen for sale in Dubai

Total 336 second hand Volkswagen cars in Dubai are uploaded for sale by dealers, starting from price AED 5,500 and goes upto AED 254,000

How DubiCars helps you with finding the best used Volkswagen car in Dubai?

With only a few clicks, DubiCars enables you to quickly find the ideal used Volkswagen in the Dubai. You may narrow down and compare used Volkswagen cars based on a variety of factors, including body type, colour, and model year. You can save thousands of dirhams by performing a price comparison. Checking thorough inspection reports for used Volkswagen cars in the Dubai that are advertised on DubiCars will help you make smart selections.

Used Volkswagen cars that come with Complete Satisfaction

If you're thinking of buying a used Volkswagen car in the Dubai, you might have heard some cautionary tales about untrustworthy transactions and sketchy conversations. But with DubiCars, you can put all your fears to rest. We take care of everything for you, from the initial search to the final sale, so you don't have to worry about anything. On DubiCars, you'll find a wide selection of used Volkswagen cars for sale in the Dubai, all of which come with a detailed inspection report. So you can be sure you're getting a quality car at a reasonable price. So why wait? Start your search for the perfect used Volkswagen car on DubiCars today!

Used Volkswagen cars for sale

Volkswagen used to be the mass-market carmaker everyone admired for its affordable mainstream vehicles like the Beetle, Golf, and split-screen camper van. However, Dieselgate ruined its reputation. The German behemoth appears to be making a comeback, this time in electric form. A few years back, the ID.3 compact car was launched, which has since become a best-selling EV.

Volkswagen ID.4 - The beginning of the E-Era

The ID.4 bears a striking resemblance to ID.3 but lacks the latter's unusually stubby front. The styling is clean and uncomplicated, with large 20-in alloys on the first edition. The interior is strikingly similar to that of the ID.3. However more spacious. The front seats are spacious, as are the rear seats, with plenty of room for tall people, though the middle rear seat will always be reserved for the fifth person who drew the short straw. Rear passengers also get their own air vents and USB-C charging ports.

There is plenty of rear legroom, with 543 litres before folding the rear seats and 1,575 litres after. That is more than a Mercedes C-class estate, for example. VW has managed to fill the space under the hood with electronics completely. The controls of the used Volkswagen ID series for sale in Dubai strike just the right balance of simplicity and tradition. To start the car system, simply get in and press the brake pedal while holding the keys. A rotating knob to the right of the steering wheel controls the drive system. Traditional culms for the lights and wipers are present, as are touch buttons for significant features such as front and rear window demisting.

The dashboard display is straightforward, consisting mostly of a speed and remainder range digital readout. Separate buttons are provided to set the dual-zone climate control and access key features, such as changing the motor power between eco, normal, and sport. There are also volume control buttons. Everything else, however, is controlled by the LCD touch-screen. This is well-structured and responsive enough. You also get three years of connected services, which will come in handy now that VW has begun to roll out over-the-air updates for its ID cars.

The first version of the used Volkswagen ID. 4 for sale in Dubai, like the ID.3, has a single rear motor with 201 hp, which appears adequate. However, because it weighs 2.1 tonnes, it can only accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 8.2 seconds. That is fast by internal combustion engine vehicle standards but slow for an EV. If you're coming from an internal-combustion SUV, the ID.4 will feel plenty quick, thanks to the electric motor's instant torque, which always makes an EV feel faster than it is, especially below 30mph.

This car handles much better than a 2.1-ton car due to its rear-wheel drive, low centre of gravity, and even weight distribution. Even when manoeuvring its enormous mass through traffic on a congested Dubai street, it is remarkably smooth and effortless. At highway speeds, it feels incredibly planted and in its element.

While the Volkswagen ID.4 is not the mass-market EV SUV version of the Beetle or Golf, and the ID.3 is still a bit pricy, it is still a fantastic vehicle. There is currently no less expensive electric SUV of this size in Europe. The range is excellent, it is not fast, but it drives well and has all of the essential features, including adaptive cruise control at the top of the list. The ID.4 clearly declares from Volkswagen that it means business in the electric car market. You can buy used Volkswagen ID. 4 for sale in Dubai at a starting price of AED 128,000.

Volkswagen ID 6 – Following the wheel tracks of Big Brother!

The ID.4's bigger brother, the ID.6 X, is offered as a crossover and a little rowdier, more SUV-like Crozz. Its wheelbase was expanded by 300mm to accommodate the third row of seats. However, seven-up passengers need only bring hand luggage. After all, depending on the cabin design, its boot volume ranges from hopeless to passable. The pseudo-off-road livery Neo-NPV is 10mm longer than the full-size Touareg at 4888mm. It is slightly taller and wider than the ID.4 and weighs a hefty 2280kg. Access to seat row three is hampered, as are rear legroom, headroom, and shoulder room, as well as the contour-less, thinly cushioned seats.

Customers who want to beat the crowds to the best restaurant in town should choose the top-of-the-line AWD model, which has a combined power of 228kW. The front wheels of these used Volkswagen cars for sale are powered by a 76kW motor, while the rear drivetrain (152kW) is a carryover from the ID.3. The base model features a 134kW engine squeezed between its rear legs. Two under-floor battery packs are available; the smaller one has a capacity of 58kWh, while the larger one has a capacity of 77kWh. Users can expect ranges of 436 and 588 kilometres, respectively.

The used Volkswagen ID. 6 for sale in Dubai accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in mere 6.6 seconds, while both variants have a top speed of 160 km/h. The average consumption is 18.2kWh/100km, the peak torque is a reasonable 310Nm, and the maximum charging power is just adequate 125kW. The ID.6 is a stoically safe vehicle that ticks all must-have boxes but rarely excels besides the surprise-and-delight instant torque effect. According to the ID movement's mastermind, the ongoing transformation process will soon provide new features. At the same time, the proximity of extended autonomous driving capabilities necessitates a substantial rethink on the part of the industry and customers.

In this context, VW freely recognises that self-motivated driver who like routinely pushing their limits and the vehicle characteristics that allow them to do so – including the enthusiastic GTI and R crowd – are no longer the ID family of cars' intended demographic. Interested in buying this car? You can buy used Volkswagen ID. 6 for sale in Dubai at a starting price of AED 133,000.


  • Is Volkswagen a GOOD car?

    VWs are generally robust, responsive, and enjoyable to drive, having a more premium feel than their competitors.

  • Is Volkswagen expensive to fix?

    The maintenance costs for used Volkswagen cars for sale in Dubai are typically around AED 2500 per year, which is higher than the industry average. Volkswagen's 2021 models, on the other hand, have lower maintenance costs.

  • Are Volkswagen high maintenance?

    The used Volkswagen cars for sale enter the shop for unscheduled maintenance roughly 0.5 times yearly, and only 11% of those repairs are considered severe.

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