Land Rover Range Rover Evoque prices in Dubai

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Dubai Land Rover Range Rover Evoque dealers
  • Al Mirage Motors
    Al Mirage Motors
  • Al Muwafaq Motors
    Al Muwafaq Motors
  • Carbon
  • Philippine Car Showroom
    Philippine Car Showroom
  • Royal Motors
    Royal Motors
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque frequently asked questions
Is the new Evoque bigger?
The 2019 model is the same length (4.37 metres) as the original model. However, the wheelbase is 20mm longer allowing for more legroom in the rear. The doors are bigger as is the boot.
Does the Range Rover Evoque use a Ford Engine?
Previous versions of the Range Rover Evoque did use a Ford engine. This was changed in 2018 for a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine built inhouse with 237 horsepower.
What does Evoque mean?
Evoque is derived from the French word évoquer (to evoke).