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Mercedes-Benz V 250 prices in Dubai

Pricey with options, but certainly worth it.
Dubai Mercedes-Benz V 250 dealers
  • Al Ain Class Motors Dubai
    Al Ain Class Motors Dubai
  • Al Muwafaq Motors
    Al Muwafaq Motors
  • Carbon
  • Philippine Car Showroom
    Philippine Car Showroom
  • Royal Motors
    Royal Motors
Mercedes-Benz V 250 frequently asked questions
What is a Mercedes V Class?
The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is the German brand’s lineup of MPV/Minivans.
Does Mercedes have a minivan?
Yes, the Mercedes V-Class is classified as a minivan.
How much is the Mercedes-Benz V-Class?
The base model starts at AED 184,000 with prices going AED 280,000.