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What our customers are saying about the Toyota Fortuner in Dubai, UAE

Sergio - When I looked for used Toyota Fortuner for sale in Dubai, UAE, I found many models at a good price including GXR, EXR and VXR trim. But my heart was set out for a TRD. I couldn’t find one so I went for an SR5 model. It may be down on specs, but they are great cars for the UAE especially the desert.
Pros: Big appearance and reliable.
Cons: Small power with four cylinders.

Khalil - My pre owned Fortuner equipped with a 2.7-litre VVTi engine is fantastic. It may have a small driving force, but it can fit my seven-person family and hit the dunes on the weekend. The options aren’t great in these cars, but next year I'll upgrade to a Premium trim one.
Pros: Cabin space and engine.
Cons: Options.

Obaid - I was looking to buy an import 4Runner, but I couldn’t find a 2016 one at a reasonable price. Instead, I bought a 4.0 V6 Fortuner second hand in Dubai. Perfect car for the climate and driving through the desert is easy with this much power.
Pros: Seating, price and V6 motor.
Cons: Interior options.

Five reasons to buy a Toyota Fortuner in Dubai, UAE

  1. As with any Toyota, these cars are reliable and cheap to maintain.
  2. Finding a buyer to buy a second hand Toyota Fortuner for sale in Dubai, UAE is easy as the brand and model are popular in the region and export markets.
  3. Although it may look like an SUV suitable for the road, it has a pretty firm grip off road and can rival most on the dunes.
  4. Without a wallet-destroying price tag, the options aren’t as bad as one may think.
  5. If the inline four isn’t enough, Toyota offers a V6 version for extra grunt.

About the Toyota Fortuner

Only debuting in 2005, the Fortuner perfectly slots in between the iconic Land Cruiser and RAV4 and serves as a mid-level SUV. With necessary specifications across the board, it’s variety of engine makes up for that and the fact it can haul seven passengers in comfort. The Fortuner isn’t sold around the world and is mostly exclusive to the Middle East and certain parts of Asia.

Road rivals: Nissan Xterra, Ford Explorer and the Kia Sorento.

2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Toyota Fortuner for sale in Dubai

2005 saw the mid-level SUV hit the markets in certain parts of the world. With a unique shape compared to the RAV4 and Land Cruiser, the Fortuner fitted in immediately, and consumers just couldn’t get enough. With a front end consisting both the Innova and Hilux, this SUV had it’s own unique look.

Interior options as standard are seven seats covered in beige fabric, steering wheel, essential accessories some of which were powered and 16-inch rims on each corner. Depending on trim optional extras include media inputs, cruise control, Bluetooth, xenon headlights, rear spoiler, rear parking sensors, roof rails and a multi-function steering wheel.

Navigation nor a premium sound system were never available on the list as was a cool box. The first two could be added as third party applications.

In 2008, new features included a new front end with revised headlights and tail lights, power seats, Electronic Brake Assist and a lighter interior shade.

2011 saw the popular SUV receive another refresh. After just three years, a new face was attached inclusive of the hood, grille, headlights and bumper. Similar changes were made to the rear end.

In GCC countries four variants of the Fortuner are available: EXR and TRD both of which have 2.7-litre motors and GXR and TRD Sportivo which have 4-litre engines. Power from both engines are either mated to a manual or automatic gearbox and channelled to the rear wheels or all four of them.

Looking to buy used Toyota Fortuner in Dubai, UAE in this generation? Prices start at AED 34,000

2016 and 2017 Toyota Fortuner for sale in Dubai

As the second generation rolled in, demand for the vehicle was higher than ever. Fortuner’s received a massive overhaul design wise to both the exterior and interior.

Borrowing many styling cues from sedan’s in the Toyota camp, thinner headlights with xenon bulbs come as standard with optional LED lights mounted atop and act as fog lights underneath. The grille has been tightened up allowing for an enlarged bumper. Wedged in between the grille and headlights are metallic highlighted strips. A new hood is attached to cover the engine, along either side, the C-Pillar is now blacked out to give the vehicle a floating roof style.

Around the back, Toyota has also thinned out the rear lights which can now be upgraded to LED’s. A reshaped tailgate along with a new rear spoiler and trim pieces are available.

Inside, the cabin received a massive overhaul distinguishing the vehicle from Hilux and Innova models. Digital A/C, reverse camera, parking sensors, 17-inch alloys LED interior lights, cruise control and navigation all became part of the additional options. Fabric seats and basic options from the previous generation are here to stay.

Both engines return to power with the rear wheels or all four of them along with both the manual and automatic transmission to control the two.

Looking for a pre owned Toyota Fortuner for sale in Dubai, UAE in this generation? Prices start at AED 98,000